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Toga Party The idea goes tubeko to a party dressed up, even for charitable purposes is not really irritates me about everything from volunteering at a domestic slave for a day it was even less. But my partner Suzanne had arranged and Friday night, we have strengthened our respective costumes. Old white sheets had been reduced to the toga, which briefly on the thighs, covered the shoulders were cut and forms together with a tubeko brooch of age. Suzanne tied her hair back and without a bra and a pair of tight white lace panties underneath looked incredibly sexy. There were many people of all kinds in the party, many of them obviously had a lot of effort to make the dress. The idea was simply that the rich are provided for the slaves with the greatest benefit of using slaves for 24 hours. It proved to be quite fun, as we waited for our number and it was a good bit of competition among suppliers. Soon they approached us and took us to the platform, where allParties could see us. ' Well, they begin to offer this superb example of a couple of slaves,' cried the auctioneer. Soon the price reaches 50 pounds and ended the competition between a woman and a man of about forty. At a price of 60, the lady and we were assured that the Lord in the tubeko purple robe sold. He beckoned us to his table and introduced himself. Brian was 42 years old, recently divorced and went to Arabia on Monday for six months and thought it would be her last weekend, a bit of fun. We sat in the chat. Despite our age difference, they were both 27, have in general. 'What you ask us,' said Suzanne. 'Jim is a good cook,' he joked. ' I had not thought of that,' said Brian. 'I just come out and donate to charity and the apartment is ready to be tubeko rented, but you can probably get somewhere. ' S who offered us drinks, but when I had to go home, I refused. Instead, he offered a drink at our house, which he accepted. Back home, lit some candles, a friendly atmosphere, creating a relaxed and chatting. 'Have you thought of all the tasks for us, however, ' I asked. ' Now you can get wine, while the other bathes my feet like a Roman master expected,' he said. went into the kitchen prepared a bowl of hot water and put into the wine. Brian opened his sandals, put it back on the couch and Suzanne began to bathe his feet and calves. Obviously, he was ecstatic, as she wiped his feet and then massage a little oil rubbed on it. 'Normally topless slaves,' said Brian, 'Is it ? ' 'Your wish is our command,' said Suzanne. Just a little too fast, I thought. Brian was a handsome man with a firm and toned body thinking it was of course a twist of pleasure. Brian watched as she got up and unclipped the clasp. The leaf fell into his waist, and before he could collect the whole thing fell down revealing her firm body. ' You have a beautiful body,' Murmurd Brian. 'Now you have the same Jim' I opened the paper and let it fall to the ground. Standing next to my thong, it was hard to hide my erection. 'I tubeko think we have to remove the belt,' said Brian. I took it off and tubeko stood naked with a throbbing erection. Brian greeted me and I stood before him. He grabbed my cock and gently press. His other hand rested my balls, and gently pull my foreskin back and foreground. It was a new experience, but he was very turned on. Then he said to Suzanne, standing behind me and rub my back and butt. Brian stepped forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked. Hands my balls, stroking a finger in tubeko my anus and sucks me expert Brian was not until tubeko I came to an explosive orgasm and seized his toga. ' filthy slave,' he joked, 'I will punish you for it. ' He told me to kneel on the floor. He then took the hand of Suzanne and pulled to the floor. The panties were removed, as he lay on the carpet. Brione was with her ​​and said, rubbing her clit as she licked and sucked her nipples. She was in ecstasy and moaning softly. Brian moved his hands down her body and grabbed her wet pussy. Suzanne gave a heavy sigh, as the language of Brian pulled on her clitoris. He continued to lick and suck her clit wet and finger her G-spot investigation by I said, licking her erect nipples, and I did it gladly. A few minutes writhing and moaning Suzanne loudly. His thighs and rose from his body shuddered as a massive orgasm rocked through her. Brian stood before me and opened the robe. He fell to the ground and put a solid muscular body with tubeko an erection of at least 8 inches. He stuck his head for him and his cock touched my lips. I had never done before, but I was so in the experience, which I gladly open his mouth and pulled his cock rock hard in my mouth and sucked gently swirls. Suzanne went to his knees and tubeko began to lick the ballsthe back, rub your finger in the anus. He retired from me then places it in the back, lift your legs in the air. Her thighs up and gasped hard as slowly entered her. Overall, greater speed, pushing deeper and deeper. I watched in fascination and felt my erection grow. Within minutes, they came together, and shot him. Suzanne completely changed out of her belly, she moved to tubeko the position of dog and pushed to do so. I could not hold back and quickly broke it. For the rest of the night we were lying naked in the lounge and enjoy each tubeko other again and again. When Brian went to Arabia on Monday, it was in a store, go to him for six months.
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